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WWF - Polar Bear

WWF Supporter: Polar bears on an ice pack - Arctic Circle, Russia

Hi! I’m David … “Prz” … Eaves, a full-stack mobile, web, application (service) and database developer specializing in Microsoft technologies.

With respect to security, we are currently working on the Fortress application in our ATOM™ Suite of applications. We are planning to showcase a few classic security features and then some modern security features on this platform.

We have taken a special interest in Microsoft’s and Google’s new security frameworks … in which the person themselves are the password!

When I was a kid, I used to play a board game called “Wildlife” … which is definitely my favorite game of all time. So, it is not a suprise to find me being an avid supporter of the “World Wildlife Fund”. So, if you see an avatar of a polar bear or a tiger in one of the posts, then click on the link and learn more about our beautiful planet.



If you have an eye for design, then you will have noticed a few things. We really enjoy featuring a plethora of beautiful space art as background images for many of our web pages.

Furthermore, if you have Google Chromecast, then you may recognize some of the images; for example, the captivating image of the iceberg on my Home page.



My Prz Home page is a Client-side splash screen written using a combination of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and jQuery.

The UIUX layer is comprised of three z-index layers. The first layer is an animated splash screen which was inspired by this CodePen … Linkedin Loading page | Pure Css. We had to put a delay of three seconds on this first layer, otherwise the page loads too fast and all you see is a flash.

The second z layer is indicitive of curtains opening up horizontally in a movie theatre … and of course the background color is white to prevent “that” annoying screen flash.

Last, but not least, the third layer is our HTML5/CSS3/Javascript “Prz” home page which uses a beautiful blue iceberg image as the Hero header.

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