Using Design & Innovation As A Business Strategy

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Xyriom Global takes design and innovation very seriously!

We use design to help customize the look-and-feel of your application. This helps your potential customers to sit up and take notice of something pleasing to the eye, or something they have never seen before. As a result, you will be remembered, which goes a long way in marketing ... right?

Innovation tends to be a lot more complex. We are creative, which means we invent new ideas to help you stand out in your sector. Then we go one step further, ... we make our ideas perform very well.

One example is the real-time control we developed for Live*DDM. It had never been seen before in the digital dental industry, and by making it perform fast, we put Live*DDM on the map forever.

Our other real-world innovative designs include:

  • Saving Bruce Power $250,000 on one single project.
  • Implementing a web solution at Western when desktop solutions still ruled the roost.
  • Giving Wal*Mart a custom high speed solution at Syncada /Visa.
  • Custom security at Merrill Lynch they had not been able to solve for over 5 years.
  • Complete end-to-end solution with individual accountability at Armour /Accutrac.
  • A new high performance app and database Profile system at PAR.

So, get excited! And we look forward to helping you create your business niche!