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We love what we do!

About Us

Creative Ideas

We love using our creativity and imagination to make your products memorable and to stand out in the market.

Clean Code

We pride ourselves on using SOLID design practices which leads to easily extensible products and quick updates.

Unique Designs

We help you bring all your unique ideas to life so you can stand out and truly be admired in your niche.

Creative Team

We drive ideas to success! Always expect top notch results from our professional staff collaborating on your behalf.

From alpha to omega. From beginning to end. From idea to success. Everything we do can be broken down to into three major categories. Which one you are working on likely depends on the maturity and growth of your business. We provide solutions for web and mobile development ... making your pages stand out in cyberspace. We provide advanced multi-threaded business logic for your application-database servers. We also provide intelligent reporting solutions for all the data you collect so you can make educated decisions and respond quickly to changing business needs.

Web & Mobile Development 88%

Application & Database Development 92%

Reports & Marketing Development 82%


HTML5 / CSS3 / AngularJS


Cordova / Ionic


C# / ASP.NET / Web Api 2


Patterns & Practices

Using Design & Innovation As a Business Strategy

Using Custom Security For Account Management

Taking Pride In What We Do Well!

Our Services

Architecture & Design

Hardware and software. Blueprints and concepts. We are committed to providing you with a complete solution that your cusomers will respect.

Mobile Development

We use client-side programming tools like AngularJs and Ionic to harness the power and complexity of phones and tablets.

Application Development

We use advanced Microsoft gear like TPL to fortify your business logic and to provide rapid responses to your mobile and web customers.

Database Development

We deliver the full force of Microsoft SQL Server or MongoDb to store your data securely and efficiently. We have the certifications too!

Reports Development

We provide you with custom reports in your industry to help give you the edge you need to make informed decisions rapidly.

Marketing Devlopment

We know how to get you on top of the search engines and the people who can help you drive new sales through branding.

Testing Development

We provide you with the confidence to release new products or upgrades by fully testing evrything well before the deployment date.

Release Development

We make your release strategies quick and stress free so you do not suffer from lost revenue or disgruntled customers.

Search Engine Optimization(seo)

We will get you started and from there you can branch off into Google Analytics or Tags Managers.

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We Believe in High Quality Products!

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Mobile Design


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Application Design


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Polyglot DB Design


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Responsive Web Design


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Reporting Design


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Cordova & Ionic Design


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ASP .NET Core & MVC Design


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Patterns & Practices Design

Professional Colleagues

United to Deliver Success!

Our Team



Security Guru

We provide security as a pre-thought so you are always confident releasing to production. We are a proud sponsor of the WWF CSR Projects.

David Eaves

David Eaves

Xyriom Global CEO

He has loved programming since his dad brought home a Commodore 64. Since then he has involved himself with everything Microsoft.



Intelligent Marketing

We provide reporting as a pre-thought so you can make valuable decisions immediately. We are a proud sponsor of the WWF CSR Projects.

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